Each touch point with your customer is a unique opportunity to secure long-term loyalty, improve your brand image and increase your reputation for service excellence.

Whether attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, or managing challenging customer situations, our engagement programs are customized to align with your objectives and desired outcomes. We understand that the contact center is only the vessel to achieve these objectives. By marrying a culture of employee engagement and satisfaction with leading call center technologies, we deploy a dynamic and flexible business model designed to foster a partnership of collaboration with our clients.Utilizing multi-channel platform solutions, we provide Customer Engagements programs across the entire lifecycle of the customer journey.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisiiton

Acquiring new customers requires sophisticated contact management

Essential to any business is the continuous addition of new customers. Making sure your customers get your message requires multiple contacts over multiple channels. Managing an increasingly complex contact mix requires sophistication and scale.

Convergent provides a broad range of services to help you meet growth goals and targets, including sales, cross-selling, upselling, lead generation, appointment setting, member reactivation, notifications (including automated messages), and order processing.

Customer Care

Customer Care

Let Convergent make it easier to serve your customers

Convergent knows it costs 5 – 7 times more to secure a new customer than to keep an existing one. Yet customer expectations are high and variable, and companies can easily lose track of where to focus their efforts.

Our goal is to have every customer interaction end positively with a high net promoter score. All initiatives including care, billing assistance, credit questions, plan management and proactive outbound are designed to be an extension of your business and help you serve your customers better.

Wellness & Welcome

Welcome and Wellness

Welcome and serve customers to extend lifetime value

Proactive, targeted, welcome and wellness calls can often identify issues that may be brewing and pre-empt a frustrated customer call, or worse, a potential defection. In collaboration with our clients, we utilize multiple data sources and analytics to target potential “at risk” customers with a specific outreach attempt, such as a welcome call, a satisfaction check-in, or service anniversary.

Account Management

Reach out to customers before a problem exists

As many as 75% of customers are said to love a brand almost exclusively because of exemplary customer service. A well-timed, proactive, outreach contact will often result in a positive customer experience and a happy customer.

Working with our clients, Convergent gathers intelligence from various sources to design highly targeted outbound programs to preempt and negate negative experiences from occurring. Our team’s skills, technology, and flexibility enable us to analyze potential problems, design a creative solution and then implement that solution quickly and cost-effectively.

Receivables Management

Receivables Management

Count on us for receivables management and back office solutions

While problematic situations are often dreaded, Convergent knows that early intervention on delinquent accounts is often an opportunity to resolve issues, cure the financial situation, and create a satisfied customer.

Whether inbound or proactive outbound, credit related transactions can be complex. The desired outcome is retaining a satisfied customer while resolving the delinquency. Recovery initiatives are customized for each client. Specialists are trained in receivables skills to optimize negotiations and customer care to ensure a positive customer experience.

Convergent has the skill, technology, and scale to support large finance and accounting, accounts payable, account receivable, billing, customer invoicing, reporting, order receipts, invoicing, collections, credit verification, data gathering, data cleansing, data classification, spend analysis, sourcing support, analytics, purchase requests, purchase management, catalog management, benefit administration, payroll processing and workforce management tasks.

First Party: Our advanced technology makes it possible for us to work directly on client systems, acting in your name, with a minimum of lead time or effort on your part, Our networked call centers located around the country deliver excellent time zone coverage, liability and disaster recovery redundancy.

Second Party: We are one of the largest contingency collection companies in the United States, with leading clients from a wide variety of industries, including banks, financial institutions, retailers, telecommunications companies, cable and satellite service providers and utilities.

If you have a specific back office process that you no longer wish to maintain or if you are looking for a full service back office solution, you can contact us.

Crisis & Rapid Response

Crisis Management SOlutions

Emergency assistance when you need it

Things happen! Unexpected events, emergencies, and trends often affect the partners we serve.

Convergent takes great pride in our ability to react to the unforeseen. We have the bandwidth and experience to provide support during increased traffic. As a case in point, we were there to provide additional support for clients who had massive call volume associated with hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

Convergent has demonstrated our ability to ramp up quickly to meet unanticipated volume associated with any circumstances whether good or bad from Black Friday e-commerce days and seasonal sales spikes to missed forecasts and natural disasters. You can count on us to be there for you and your customers.