Stay On The Cutting Edge

Convergent offers a number of advantages to help us serve our customers, keep you apprised of our performance, and optimize performance according to changing needs.

Performance Management

“What Get Measured Gets Done”


CESore is a proprietary performance management tool powered by TouchPoint One and Acuity. CEScore enables Convergent to apply rule-based dashboards, intelligent workflows, analytics and game mechanics to establish organizational alignment and measure all aspects of individual performance – all based on what’s important and drives performance for our clients.

  • State-of-the-art dashboard metrics align our customer objectives with our employees’ performance targets
  • Pay is linked to performance on all levels, to ensure alignment and engagement
  • CEScore and TouchPoint One are the recipients of several awards including the 2016 Customer Product of the Year Award.



Gamification helps contact centers keep employees engaged in their work and happier on the job which shines through during customer service calls. Convergent’s well-designed gamification modules are incorporated into our CEScore performance management system to help improve a full range of customizable key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to our clients’ businesses.

This leads to:

  • Improved business results
  • Improved employee engagement/experience
  • Enhanced client engagement
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Increased employee loyalty (reduced employee turnover)



Traditionally, customer service has been hard to measure until it was often too late. Convergent has devised analytical tools and programs that enable us to be proactive, helping you retain customers and high service ratings.

Scoring Models: We utilize scoring models to optimize our client’s strategies and processes. The models incorporate our client’s data along with acquired and internal information to generate predictions that aid in improved Win Rates, Save Rates, CSAT, and AR Management performance.

Workforce Management: Convergent deploys a comprehensive workforce management platform (Avaya Work Force Optimization) to develop staffing and scheduling models for individual customer engagement portfolios. Optimum levels of staffing are developed on each project through our leading-edge workforce management software. Each portfolio is continually monitored by individual site and centralized WFM controllers. This team has overall responsibility for developing staffing schedules for our call centers. The Network Operations centers continually monitor traffic and make ongoing adjustments to assure we schedule the right number of resources to generate the right results.

Reporting:  We measure, analyze and report results based on virtually any data desired for evaluation. We provide remote, real-time CMS reporting and monitoring access to our clients. Clients utilize this information in conjunction with internal systems to support decision-making and planning. Reports are customized to meet each specific client program requirement.



Convergent makes ongoing investments in technology to continually improve our service offering, assure data security, and keep ahead of ever-changing compliance regulations. 


  • Telephony: Convergent utilizes an Aaya Telephony platform that is robust, expandable, redundant and reliable. One-hundred percent of all calls are digitally recorded and stored for recall.
  • Other Channels: Convergent offers robust email and chat communication functionality to ensure your team will be able to communicate effectively with your customers.
  • Proprietary Technology: Convergent’ telephone platform and proprietary IVR technology are software and SIP-based, making them ideal for integration with client platforms. The IVR system is capable of capturing data attributes that can be passed back to our client’s system via SIP messaging. We can also support a TDM solution via sessions gateways and provide integration via CTI, where data recalls and writes to our customers’ APIs or directly to their servers.
  • Outbound IVR: Convergent Kalope system uses dialing and interactive voice response technology to increase right party contacts. We use either professionally recorded or text-to-speech technology to deliver personalized messages based on the communication type for right party contact.

Our People


With your reputation and ongoing business success on the line, outsourcing your interactions with customers shouldn’t be taken lightly. Convergent will work with you to recruit, train and develop a team that will become a seamless extension of your staff. Our top-of-the-line recruiting, staffing and training Includes:

  • Onsite staffing agency with temp-to-perm staffing solution
  • Behavioral and background screens
  • Soft skills and hard skills assessment and training
  • Development of client-specific curriculum
  • Acuity Performance Management tool for ongoing training and testing
  • Custom training and development as desired by our clients